What I can Offer

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching involves working 1:1 with leaders at all levels to help them tackle some of their day-to-day challenges; these could be short, medium or long term. Some examples are:

  • The challenges of leading a team/running a business
  • Leading a team remotely
  • The first 100 days in a new role
  • Dealing with the politics of organisational life
  • Helping individuals make the transition from ‘doing’ to ‘leading’
  • Making the step from managing others to managing managers
  • Influencing others in the organisation
  • Managing the performance of others
  • Managing upwards
  • How to achieve balance between work and non-work


Dependent on the context, I often suggest a three way meeting/call involving the clients line manager (or other stakeholder) . This helps to ensure that all parties are clear what the organisation needs to see happen as a result of the coaching. It is usually helpful to repeat this process at the end of a coaching programme.

Coaching programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual and their organisation and can typically range from 4-6 sessions (of up to 2 hours) through to unlimited access over a period of a year. Other clients prefer short calls on a more frequent basis.

If appropriate, programmes can include one or more psychometric assessment and a 360 degree feedback process.


Career Coaching

The kind of issues that I find clients want to work on include:

  • Wanting to make a career shift, but not knowing how to go about it
  • Uncertain about how to write a CV because it’s been a long time since they last wrote one
  • Understanding how LinkedIn works
  • Being made redundant and dealing with the emotional and practical issues that this involves
  • Worried about how to go about finding another job
  • Considering retirement or semi-retirement but uncertain how you want to spend the rest of your life
  • Preparing for an interview or assessment centre


Typically career coaching involves 3-4 sessions (of up to 2 hours) but I will flex to the needs of the client and it may just involve 1 session or even a longer term arrangement.


Interview Coaching

Areas covered could include some or all of the following:

  • How to prepare
  • Mock interview
  • Video interviews
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Presentation practice
  • What kind of questions to ask in an interview


The needs of the client will dictate 'how many sessions' and for how long we will meet. As a guide I generally find that it can be useful to have one session focused on preparation, one on a mock interview and one if there are other requirements in the selection process (e.g. presentation, or some form of assessment).